Back to Backs

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50-54 Inge Street / 55-63 Hurst Street
B5 4TE

Birmingham's last surviving court of back to back housing has now been fully restored by the Birmingham Conservation Trust and the National Trust. Thousands of houses like these were built, literally back to back, around courtyards, for the rapidly increasing population of Britain's expanding industrial towns.

The story of the site is told through the experiences of the people who lived and worked here. Visitors move through four different periods, from 1840 to the 1970s. The design of each interior reflects the varied cultures, religions and professions of the families who made their homes here. Visitors can also explore the communal courtyard with its brewhouse and privies, and a fascinating exhibition about life in Birmingham's back to backs.

Entry is by guided tour only and pre-booking is strongly advised to avoid disappointment. A ground floor tour of the houses and courtyard, and a video tour of all upper floors, is available on request for any visitors who feel they are unable to make the steep spiral stairs in the houses. When booking your tour please ask for more details.

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