Old Market Square

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Old Market Square

Old Market Square is an open town square in Nottingham, England, the largest such surviving in England, and forms the heart of the city of Nottingham.

The new square is a modern, single tier area, reflecting the history of the city including the recreation of an ancient border which once divided Nottingham. A new water feature dominates the west side of the Square, with jet fountains and waterfalls. These water features can be turned off if required, allowing an amphitheatre-like seating area to be created for shows and concerts. The opening events are to include concerts and parades, with plans being made for May Day and St Georges Day celebrations, as well as to bring back a regular local farmers market, reflecting the original purpose of the Square.

The front of the square is dominated by the Council House, which serves as the city hall. The bell inside the council house dome, named 'Little John', has the deepest tone of any bell in the country. The sound produced by the bell travels over 7 miles on a clear day.

Two large stone lions guard the Council House steps, and they have historically been a popular symbol of the city, with the City Council recently adopting the lion on some of its recent 'Nottingham Proud' campaign posters. People have been meeting at the lions for decades and have served as a meeting point for city residents. The 'Left Lion' is most popularily used for meeting.

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