One Great George Street

One Great George Street

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1-7 Great George Street

Access and Facilities Assessment

Do you or your staff offer assistance to any customer who may require it? Yes

Have any of your staff had disability equality training? Yes

Do any of your staff speak an alternative language? Yes

Do you have your own car park? No

Is there a drop-off point close to the main entrance? Yes

Is the outside of the building well lit? Yes

Is there anything about the approach to your building that may cause difficulty for customers? No

Do you have more than one entrance into your building? Yes
What is the most accessible entrance for wheelchair users? Main
[Main Entrance] Is the access level or is there a ramp at the entrance? Ramp

[Main Entrance] Are there any steps into your building? Yes
[Main Entrance] Do these steps have handrails? Yes
[Main Entrance] Do you have temporary/portable ramps? Yes

[Main Entrance] Do you have double or single entry doors? Double
[Main Entrance] Are doors left open? Yes
[Main Entrance] Are doors automatic? No
[Main Entrance] Are the doors glass? Yes
[Main Entrance] Do doors have vision panels? Yes

[Main Entrance] If children are welcome, can a parent with a pushchair or pram enter your building unaided? Yes

[Main Entrance] Can a wheelchair user enter your building unaided? Yes

Once inside your building can a wheelchair user get to use all customer areas or make use of your service unaided? Yes
Are customers with mobility impairments able to enter and use your service or purchase goods without assistance? Yes

Is your business on more than one floor? Yes
Is there a customer lift? Yes
Can a wheelchair user use the lift? Yes
Are lift locations clearly signed? Yes

Do you have any customer areas that people will have to use steps? Yes
If Yes, do they have hand rails for people to use? Yes

Do you have an area where people can sit down and rest should they need to? Yes

What alternative formats can you provide literature or advertising material in: Large Print

Have you got any induction loops for hard of hearing people? Yes
Can you offer any sign language interpreters? Yes

Do you offer customer toilets? Yes

Do you provide baby changing facilities? Yes
Are these facilities accessible for a wheelchair user? Yes
Is the baby changing facilities low enough for a wheelchair user? Yes
Where are your baby changing facilities located? Unisex Accessible toilet

Do you offer customer fitting rooms? No

Do you provide a fully accessible adult changing room? Yes

Do you offer attachable trolleys? No

Fire Evacuation, for disabled customers in the event of a fire:
Evauation Slides provided fully trained staff Fire Procedures in large print available

Is there anyone within your business specifically responsible for disabled access? Yes
Please provide their details:
Phil Ackers-Building Services Manager

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