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Withypool Branch
TA24 7QP

t: 0845 7223344
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Do you or your staff offer assistance to any customer who may require it? Yes
Have any of your staff had disability equality training? Yes


Do any of your staff speak an alternative language? Yes
If yes, what languages do they speak? Spanish and German.
Do any of your staff have sign language skills for communicating with deaf people? No

Parking Provision

Do you have your own off road customer parking area? No
Is there any public parking legally within 50 metres of the branch? No
Car park available 200 metres away over bridge.
Are there Blue Badge parking bays for disabled people within 50 metres of the branch? No
Can a Blue Badge holder park outside the branch/close to the branch? Yes
How far approximately in metres is the Blue Badge holder parking close to the branch? 3 metres
Is there a safe drop-off point within 50 metres of the branch? Yes
Where is the nearest safe drop-off point? There is a drop off point directly outside the main entrance.

Pathways, Paving and Street Furniture

Is there a dropped kerb from the road/parking to the pavement, near the entrance? Yes
If yes: Approx how many metres from dropped kerb to the entrance? 3 metres
Is there street lighting that would illuminate the approach and entrance to the premises? No
Are the footpaths around the Branch level and in good order? No
Very rural location
Is there anything about the approach to your building that may cause difficulty for customers? No


Do you have more than one customer entrance into your building? No
Which is the most accessible entrance for wheelchair users/parents with double buggies? Main

Main Entrance


Are the opening and closing times clearly displayed? Yes
Does the door have a working buzzer/door bell for disabled customers should they need to attract attention for assistance? No


Is there a sign at the entrance door to show which of the following facilities are provided at the PO counter for disabled people? Sign for Induction Loop

Steps, Handrails and Ramps

To enter the post office will a customer encounter Stairs\Steps, Ramps, Lifts or is it all level? Stairs/Steps
If Stairs/Steps, How many stairs/steps are there? 1
If stairs/steps, Is there a handrail or grabrail on BOTH sides of the stairs/steps into this entrance? Yes
Can a customer enter avoiding the stairs/steps? No
If there are steps, and ramped access cannot be provided, is there an alternative means of delivering services to customers who are unable to use stairs/steps? Yes
If a wheelchair user would need assistance to enter your building, what assistance or alternative service would you be able to offer? Staff will serve customers from the main entrance of the building if access is not possible.


Is the threshold level or is there a slight lip? Level
Is the entrance via a single or double door? Single
Is the doorway wide enough for a wheelchair user to go through? Yes
Is the door able to open fully? No
Do you know the width of the door opening? Yes
What is the door width in mm? 775mm
Are the doors left open? Yes
weather permitting
Is the door automatic? No
Is the door revolving? No
Is there a foot wipe mat? No

Circulation Space/Queuing System

Once inside the premises, does the route to the PO counter involve, stairs/steps, ramps, lifts or is it all level? All Level
Is the route to the PO counter/services wide enough for wheelchairs users to manoeuvre? Yes
Is there is a moveable barrier to define the queuing area? No
If the queuing area is inaccessible for some customers, is there an alternative way of providing the service? Yes
Please detail what service/s you are able to offer? Staff will serve customers at the queuing aisles if access to the counters is not possible.
Is there room in front of the PO counter/services for wheelchair users to manoeuvre with ease? Yes


Is there seating for customers to use near the counter? No

Counter/point of sale

Is there a low level counter/ flap down shelf at one counter position? No
Do you have a lap tray or clipboard that can be used by wheelchair users as a temporary writing surface? Clipboard
Is there a writing shelf at standard height? Yes
Is there a low writing shelf/writing desk away from the counter (surface 800mm max) for people in wheelchairs or those who have to sit to write? No
Retail counter available next adjacent to PO
Is there an induction loop at one counter position? Yes
Is there clear signage indicating an induction loop? Yes
Is the induction loop built into counter? No
Is there a portable induction loop permanently positioned on the counter within one metre of the counter window that offers this facility? Yes
Is this portable induction loop permanently plugged into the mains? Yes
Do you have the instructions for the induction loop? Yes
Is it easy for a customer to see the counter clerk without obstructions or reflections in order to lip-read if needed? Yes
Do you have a Chip and Pin keypad mounted at a low level for a wheelchair user? No
Do you have a portable/ dismountable Chip and Pin key pad that can be passed to a wheelchair user? No
Can a wheelchair user reach your scales unassisted? No

Leaflet dispensers

Is the maximum height of your leaflet dispensers 1200mm? Yes
Do you offer any literature or advertising material in any alternative formats: Large Print
Audio Tapes
All Post Office literature is available in alternative formats via the Helpline.

Additional facilities

How would you meet the needs of disabled customers in the event of a fire? Staff will direct customers to the nearest accessible fire exits, providing assistance if necessary.
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